What Is the Standard for Relocation in Virginia

If you are far away from your other parent, you should be prepared to face more problems than you have caused yourself. Virginia law does not favor moving parents, especially if they have custody. It doesn’t look like they want you to go somewhere else, but if you have long distances to other parents, you have to prepare for it.

You have the same rights as you and your child, and the court will not just say “no” and tell you that you can move just as easily or not. This will be a difficult case, so if you seek help from the law or the courts, be prepared.

All in all, the court is trying to determine the benefit for you and your child in this case, and it will not seek any benefit you would derive from moving. Take the time to discuss with you the possibility of the other parent obtaining custody.

Reasons why parents are willing to move include the need to expand the family, the needs of the child, and other reasons. How will the other parent’s visit be affected by their arrival and how will their visits affect the relationship between you and your child?

If the other parent in custody does not currently have an effective relationship with the child, the court must review the order and have an up-to-date basis for evaluating it and issuing a relocation order to the guardian. The court cannot pronounce its decision until all these factors have been thoroughly and thoroughly examined. An up-to-date database could also influence the decision, such as the date of the last visit or the number of visits. Apart from that, the parent wishing to move must make it clear that the move is in the best interests of the child in all respects and will certainly benefit him or her. However, a child may also make it clear to the court that he or she wishes to stay or move, or that he or she wishes to transfer educational or other activities to the custody of other parents. The court may only authorize the relocation of children if the proposed relocation complies with all these requirements.