What Are the Penalties for Sexual Crimes in VA

Virginia has many problems when it comes to things like sex crimes, but the vast majority of sex crimes carry at least some form of prison sentence. That’s because the penalties for these crimes are so high, according to a new report from the Virginia Department of Justice.

However, there are some cases where sexual offences can be considered a misdemeanor and result in probation, as opposed to a long prison sentence. Long prison sentences can make it difficult to reintegrate into society once you are out, and going there can indeed be a very unpleasant experience. There is no doubt that prison is a good deterrent for some, and that is why it is one of the best deterrents against sex crimes in the United States. But there is also no guarantee that you will have a chance to get a job that would allow you to feed yourself if you end up in prison.

Trying to recruit a minor is punishable by a misdemeanor charge, even if you are caught before anything could happen. This is the case when the offender tries to commit a crime but is unable to commit it in a way that would actually harm a child.

It is true that you need a phenomenally good lawyer to achieve something of this magnitude, but it is also true that if your lawyer is successful, you could end up avoiding going to prison and ending up on probation instead. The thing about probation is that it’s an inconvenience and it’s definitely much more expensive than prison, which could end up taking a lot away from you and ruining your life. You have parole freedom, at least up to a point, so you can get much better sentences than going to prison.

However, one thing should be borne in mind: if you are convicted of a sex crime, even if it is not the kind of crime that would put you in prison, there is one thing that you absolutely cannot escape and that is being added to the register of sex offenders. This register contains the names and addresses of all persons who have committed sexual crimes in the United States of America. Registration will have a serious impact on your life and potentially exclude you from all the social circles you have entered. If your name is on this register, you will not be included in a certain radius of schools and many jobs will not be available to you. There will be people who think you are a sex offender, no matter what you try to do.