Driving Without Registration Lawyer

Driving Without Registration Lawyer, Warren Virginia

For driving a vehicle in Warren, Virginia with no penalties, a person must first appropriately get it register to DMV. To get appropriately registered, a person must complete a car safety and emissions review, and a registration procedure that includes making sure there are no due fines such as tags, payments regarding child support, or other amounts overdue. In case the person is not able to correctly register and is held driving without registration he might be charged with a criminal offense and penalized to fines, a suspended license, and possibly jail time in certain cases involving fake ID.  In case of such a situation, you should hire a Warren Virginia driving without registration lawyer to try and avoid the steep penalties of this offense. There are potential defenses that a traffic lawyer in Warren, Virginia might be able to argue to confirm that an individual’s privileges and benefits are protected.

Consequences for Driving Without Registration

The extreme consequence for driving without registration is a heavy fine of $500 and other prospective limits on the driving license. It is a criminal misdemeanor charge which will be placed on the criminal record of the person. Moreover, when a law enforcement officer pulls an individual over, and ask for license and registration because they want to be sure that individual is properly licensed to run a vehicle and the vehicle itself is correctly licensed. Law enforcement officers are qualified to ask such queries, in the incident that the driver does not have registration, it might apt the officer to question about other documents such as their license and evidence of the insurance. The officer might then issue a tag for driving without a license, driving an unregistered car, or driving without any insurance coverage.

To register a vehicle, there are numerous requirements which need to be met. Registering a vehicle in Warren, Virginia means that a person has obeyed with the requirements Virginia has imposed on all drivers. The driver has to show evidence of Virginia vehicle title and liability insurance for uninsured cars. If a driver fails to obey with these requirements, they cannot list their vehicle and are at peril for being charged with driving without registration. If you have been charged, a driving without registration lawyer in Warren, Virginia can help you understand the possible impact of these charges in your individual and professional life.

Proof of Registration

Drivers always need to make sure they have their registration on them because the registration provides evidence the vehicle is truly listed. If someone does not have the registration with them, then they are at risk for being charged for driving without registration. Having to go to law court is troublesome and often times worrying. If someone’s car is listed, there is no reason why they should have to go through that procedure if they have their registration with them all the times.

If you have been charged with driving without registration in Warren, Virginia then you should contact a driving without registration lawyer to discuss our case and prepare possible defense.