Driving Without Registration Lawyer

Driving Without Registration Lawyer, Warren Virginia

For driving a vehicle in Warren, Virginia with no penalties, a person must first appropriately get it register to DMV. To get appropriately registered, a person must complete a car safety and emissions review, and a registration procedure that includes making sure there are no due fines such as tags, payments regarding child support, or other amounts overdue. In case the person is not able to correctly register and is held driving without registration he might be charged with a criminal offense and penalized to fines, a suspended license, and possibly jail time in certain cases involving fake ID.  In case of such a situation, you should hire a Warren Virginia driving without registration lawyer to try and avoid the steep penalties of this offense. There are potential defenses that a traffic lawyer in Warren, Virginia might be able to argue to confirm that an individual’s privileges and benefits are protected.

Consequences for Driving Without Registration

The extreme consequence for driving without registration is a heavy fine of $500 and other prospective limits on the driving license. It is a criminal misdemeanor charge which will be placed on the criminal record of the person. Moreover, when a law enforcement officer pulls an individual over, and ask for license and registration because they want to be sure that individual is properly licensed to run a vehicle and the vehicle itself is correctly licensed. Law enforcement officers are qualified to ask such queries, in the incident that the driver does not have registration, it might apt the officer to question about other documents such as their license and evidence of the insurance. The officer might then issue a tag for driving without a license, driving an unregistered car, or driving without any insurance coverage.

To register a vehicle, there are numerous requirements which need to be met. Registering a vehicle in Warren, Virginia means that a person has obeyed with the requirements Virginia has imposed on all drivers. The driver has to show evidence of Virginia vehicle title and liability insurance for uninsured cars. If a driver fails to obey with these requirements, they cannot list their vehicle and are at peril for being charged with driving without registration. If you have been charged, a driving without registration lawyer in Warren, Virginia can help you understand the possible impact of these charges in your individual and professional life.

Proof of Registration

Drivers always need to make sure they have their registration on them because the registration provides evidence the vehicle is truly listed. If someone does not have the registration with them, then they are at risk for being charged for driving without registration. Having to go to law court is troublesome and often times worrying. If someone’s car is listed, there is no reason why they should have to go through that procedure if they have their registration with them all the times.

If you have been charged with driving without registration in Warren, Virginia then you should contact a driving without registration lawyer to discuss our case and prepare possible defense.



Loudoun treats drug offenses as a very severe offense. Drug offenses in Loudoun, Virginia is said to be a very serious crime. Just like other counties in Virginia, drug offenses in Loudoun, Virginia has very strict penalties and punishments.

Many of the felony drug offenses such as simple possession of drugs have very harsh penalties in Loudoun, Virginia. Under the law of Virginia, drug offenses in Loudoun, Virginia comes under class 5 felony. Crimes that come under class 5 felony are very severe crimes.

Drug offenses in Loudoun, Virginia are punishable by a sentence of imprisonment for about 1 to 10 years in jail or at least 12 months of imprisonment with a penalty fine.

The drug offenses that include simple possession of drugs that are Schedule 3,4 or 5 simple possession of marijuana or weed are said to be the misdemeanor offenses that are punishable by up to 12 months of imprisonment with a penalty fine of $2500.

In case if someone is charged with drug offenses in Loudoun, Virginia for the first time then the first offense of possession of drugs will come under an unclassified misdemeanor that is punishable by up to 30 days in jail with a penalty fine of $500.

In addition to this, if a person is found guilty of a drug offense in Loudoun, there driving license will be suspended for about 6 months and in case if the driver belongs to another state then he is punishable by the loss of driving privilege for about 6 months and they will not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Virginia. This is by the statute of Virginia that means it cannot be negotiated as it is not subject to negotiation. A conviction of drug offense comes with the loss of driving license for up to 6 months.  It is applicable for simple possession of drugs all the way up until the serious off drug trafficking.

There are some diversion programs available for the drug offenses in Loudoun. The two most common kind of diversion programs can be found under the law code of Virginia 18.2- 251 that is known as “251 disposition.” It can be available in two commons but a bit different instances. The first one is when someone is charged with a drug offense for the very first time. A first offense of drug possession can be subjected to first offender disposition under which a convicted might enter a plea but not found guilty. Depending on the severity of case, their case can also be dismissed.

Because Loudoun treats drug offense very strictly, it is very important to contact and consult a Loudoun drug attorney as soon as you are charged with a drug offense. The defense attorney in Loudoun, Virginia will explain all the penalties and charges you might face if convicted of a drug offense in Loudoun, Virginia and will make sure to establish a very strong defense against the criminal charge to carry out the best result possible.

Embezzlement Chesterfield Virginia Criminal Defenses Lawyers

Embezzlement Chesterfield – Virginia Criminal Defenses Lawyers

What is meant by the term “Embezzlement”?

As per the Code of Virginia,

  • 18.2-111. Embezzlement deemed larceny; indictment.

If any individual fraudulently and wrongfully dispose of or uses, embezzles or conceals any money, note, bill, order, check, bond, draft, bill of lading, receipt, or any personal property, intangible or tangible, which that individual has taken for their bailor, principal or employer, or by virtue of their employment, office, trust that have been delivered or entrusted to them by any court, company or corporation, that person will be charged guilty of embezzlement.

What Must Be Proven For an Embezzlement Charge in the City Of Chesterfield – Virginia,

Before the Commonwealth can pass the sentence of a wrongdoer for an embezzlement charge as per Va. Code §18.2-111, they must prove that the offender:

  1. fraudulently and wrongfully
  2. concealed, embezzled, used, or disposed of
  3. personal money or property
  4. of another human being
  5. through their employment, or that they acquired for another human being.

What is the Penalty imposed for an Embezzlement Charge in Petersburg – Virginia

As per the Code of Virginia, § 18.2-111. Embezzlement deemed larceny; indictment.

In the city of Chesterfield – Virginia, any act of embezzlement will be treated as an act of larceny. Any human being convicted guilty of larceny will be penalized as per § 18.2-95 or § 18.2-96. However, if any human being is blamed for the crime of larceny, then the proofs of embezzlement will not be taken under the considerations for a larceny charge.

An embezzlement conviction in Chesterfield – Virginia will be taken as either a felony or a misdemeanor.

  1. If It Is the Offender’s First Offense, And The Embezzlement Is Worth Less Than $200:

Even if the offense is considered to be a misdemeanor, a Virginia embezzlement case will still be very serious and grave. In the state of Virginia, a “Class 1” is deemed as the utmost severe kind of misdemeanor. The court and judge have all the power and authority to pass the verdict of a maximum time period of a year in jail and to pay a fine of no more than $2,500, or both.

  1. If It Is the Offender’s First Offense, And The Embezzlement Is Worth $200 Or More:

When a Chesterfield – Virginian citizen is liable of embezzlement and the court has ruled it as a felony, the wrongdoer can be convicted to imprisonment at a state correctional institution for a time period of minimum one year to a time period of maximum 20 years. Not only that, the wrongdoer can also be accused to pay a penalty fine of no more than $2,500.

  1. If The Offender Is Charged With Subsequent Offenses:

If the accused individual is found to have two preceding larceny convictions, it will be considered as a Class 6 felony.

Your Chesterfield – Virginian Attorney To Your Rescue

Your Virginian lawyer is an expert for all your defense options. They are familiar with the entire trial process. If you have been indicted for an embezzlement-related offense, contact your Chesterfield – Virginian attorney and get them to start working on your case. Your criminal defense lawyer will handle your case in the best way.

Henrico Virginia Voluntary Manslaughter law

The homicide without premeditation is known as manslaughter. There are basically two types this crime. Voluntary and non-voluntary. The first time is basically being the offense made with heat of passion while the later one is the murder of person when a person is out of his state of mind for example a drunken person driving a car and do an accident, so that passenger sitting in the car do not resist injury and die.

Voluntary manslaughter criminal faces many legal issues when arrested. He has to prove himself that he did the murder for self defense or with heat of passion. The penalty depends on the situation on which he was unable to control himself and killed the victim. This is because without absence of manslaughter factor the person will be declared as the full-blown murderer and he get punishment according to this crime. He has to prove himself that he is not a serial killer. All the incident happened just because of self defense from the victim side.

The person alone cannot fight his case as well all know well. It is the rule of the judiciary to hire a lawyer who can defend your case. It is wish of every person that he can hire a capable lawyer who can easily understand his case and help in relieving from severe punishment.

How do lawyers make a case file?

The lawyer than handle the case according the law of his state as well as judge make decision the rules defined by the particular state. Henrico Virginia voluntary manslaughter law states that the defender will get the punishment of 1 to 10 years with the fine up to $2500. The SRIS group of law is the agency that have such capable legal professionals who understand your requirement and efficiently resolve your case.

The lawyers also get some medical test for their client especially if the client says he was not in state of mind. Different tests are conducted to get prove of the mental state of the defender. They also get prove that either the loss of control as sudden or he was facing situation for some time.

Another factor they consider is the type of trigger that is why he attacked to the victim. Either it was the fear trigger or the anger. In both cases defender may attack in a serve level to prevent himself from any attack and thus his severe reaction causes the murder of the attacker. He asks some questions to client to reach the depth of the case.

After a complete discussion with the client, the next step is to move towards the client. our legal advisor visits to different areas and people where he can find the witness who may help in describing about the defender as well as about the incidence.

After completing his research, he document his file to show in front of the judge during the time of hearing.

Contact us

Contact the SRIS group of law and get the satisfactory servcies to get reduction in your penalities.

What Is The Seat Belt Law In Hanover VA

In Hanover VA, the seat belt law necessitates to wear seat belt while driving a motor vehicle. According to the seat belt law in Hanover VA, it is mandatory for drivers and passengers who are 16 years and older, to wear a seat belt if they are driving or siting in the front passenger seat of the car. For children who are 15 years old or younger are required to wear a seat belt whether they are in front seat or back seat of the car. The adult driver is solely accountable to make sure that anyone who is below the age of 16 is wearing the seat belt. The adult driver is required to properly implement the use of seat belts. A passenger is responsible for their own safety only if they are 16 years or older.

Failure to wear a seat belt while driving or travelling as a passenger in Hanover VA is a secondary enforcement law. This means that an officer cannot stop you for not wearing a seat belt. You can be only charge for the seat belt violation in Hanover VA, if you are pulled over for another primary violation such as having an expired tag or speeding and officer further found that you are also not wearing a seat belt. Drivers of Hanover VA must be aware that not wearing a seat belt can be a primary offense in many of the other states. Therefore, it important to be extra vigilant while travelling across the states. Failure to wear a seat belt in case the passenger is below the age of 16 is a primary offense in Hanover VA. This applies on the driver who is travelling along with children below the age of 16. The driver will be fined $50 for the negligence. The penalty for adults for not wearing a seat belt in Hanover VA is $25.

A number of reports have widely recognized that wearing a seat belt can minimize the risk of injury or death in the event of a crash. Reportedly, a large number of drivers killed in car crashes every year were not wearing their seat belts. Initially the seat belt law was passed making it mandatory for all vehicles, except buses, to have seat belts. The seat belt law was later amended to further enhance the standards of safety, making it necessary to have three point harnesses in every seating positions. However, the use of seat belt continued to remain voluntary for a long time. Still there are not very strict laws when it comes to the use of seat belts. Although punishment for not wearing your seat belt in Hanover VA are comparatively lenient, however, it is always best for your safety to wear seat belt. If you have any further legal concern related to seat belt law in Hanover VA, consult SRIS Law Group, P.C. Lawyer.

Is Larceny a felony for Virginia

In the vast state of Virginia, Larceny is a word used to describe a crime of theft. In Virginia, there are many different classifications of felony of crime that each has different penalties. It’s important to know these felonies so you know what you are facing and how your lawyer will defend against the complaints you are facing.

In Virginia, theft is referred to as acquiring or using, or attempting to obtain or use the property of another person with the intention of temporarily or permanently removing the owner of their property. Importantly, larceny is simply taking something owned by another person, if it has not been paid for the goods from a store or intellectual property of a business partner.

Different levels of felony offense:

There are five levels of destruction of theft. From the least serious to the most serious, they are:

  • Second level of small theft, where the amount of stolen property is worth less than $ 100
  • First level of small theft, where the value of the stolen property is worth more than $ 100 but less than $ 300
  • The third level of grand theft, where the stolen property is worth between $ 300 and $ 20,000
  • Second grade grand theft, where the stolen property is worth between $ 20,000 and $ 100,000
  • First level grand theft, where the stolen property amount exceeds $ 100,000

If a crime of larceny is charged as a crime or a felony depends on the amount of money stolen. For example, the lowest level of crime of burglary is charged as a second-level crime, while minor burglaries of up to $ 300 will result in a first-degree criminal charge. Grand theft will always be charged as a felony, with penalties that may include restitution, penalties, and jail time between 5 and 30 years. Of course, since each case involves a different set of circumstances, exact penalties may vary from case to case.
The charges against the trial usually lead to serious legal penalties. These provisions may include imprisonment of more than one year and substantial criminal fines. Penalties can increase theft in proportion to the amount stolen. Some jurisdictions may also establish specific categories of crimes of criminal theft. For example, there may be a felony prison in Class 1, 2, or 3, with a degree being the most dangerous.

Are there any defenses for theft?

It may sometimes be difficult to defend the charge of theft of the appeal because of the high amounts of money involved in these types of cases. Perhaps the most common defense is the lack of “intention to keep away the other party of the property permanently”. For example, if the accused mistakenly believes that goods or funds are their own, it may serve as a defense.
In most cases, it is advisable to appoint your defense attorney, since lawyers appointed by the state can sometimes have a conflict of interest with the defendant. In many cases, it may be possible to reduce the criminal penalty based on the facts surrounding it.

Reckless Driving Ticket Lawyer Cost

Reckless driving is considered serious crime in Virginia. If a person is pulled over and summons to appear before the court of law, it can cause a person to spend a year in imprisonment and suspension of driving license for 6 months and $2,500 fines. The other major thing that affects your life is the criminal record that goes on throughout your life, and people can search your name in the record. It may cause person to face difficulty to search for the job and feel humiliation in social circle. When a person acknowledges the fact that he is charged for the violation of traffic law, it can put the person behind bars.  In this crucial state, it is highly recommended to consult a lawyer of reckless driving and pay the least attention on reckless driving ticket lawyer cost.

Cost of Ticket Lawyer

In the context of defense, reckless driving ticket lawyer cost depends on two factors. The nature of criminal charges and the experience of the lawyers in the handling of the matter related to reckless driving. It has been observed that traffic tickets and criminal matters are carried out on a flat fee. In this regard, a person is charged for the violation of traffic ticket or for criminal act, it requires to pay under $100, or few thousands depend on the case for reckless driving ticket lawyer cost. If a person is accused for excessive speed limit 5 miles per hour over the set limit will have to pay less as compared to those charged for reckless driving. This can also cause person to face a misdemeanor for convictions and imprisonment as well.  The other most crucial aspect is to be considered that for the commercial driver, reckless driving means the end of career.

Scope of Representation in Virginia

The other factor that can raise and decrease reckless driving ticket lawyer cost is the scope of representation. It has been observed that some of the lawyers prefer to represent their clients in terms of arraignment and plea deals, this procedure requires more fee to take matter to court. Some lawyers charge their fee in the form of non-refundable retainer, but reckless driving ticket lawyer cost more money. There are some other law firms where lawyers of reckless driving lawyer offer under $50 to $200 for per ticket. A person charges for more serious crimes are not covered in low cost and additional court fees for appearing in different hearing process.

Consult Reckless Driving ticket lawyer

Those accuse for the reckless driving in Virginia are highly recommended to consult a lawyer on immediate basis to make safe passage for you against the crime. In this regard, it is advisable for you not to think much about reckless driving ticket lawyer cost. It is because your life matters a lot against those allegations that can deprive you from advantages that you can avail as a respectable citizen of Virginia. The support of the lawyer can make you understand the seriousness of crime that you can protect yourself in future ahead.

Traffic Ticket Fines and Penalties in Virginia

When you receive a traffic ticket in Virginia, you might wonder how much this traffic ticket would cost you and what penalties you will subsequently be facing. In Virginia, traffic laws are taken very seriously by the state authorities that their violation results in adverse consequences. The most common violations include speeding, DUI, reckless driving, and driving without a license. Each offense carries a different conviction. Traffic ticket fines and penalties in Virginia are categorized into felonies and misdemeanors. For example, reckless driving is considered as a Class 1 misdemeanor which results in one year of a jail sentence and a fine of $2,500. If you are the first time offender, your offense will be considered as a misdemeanor, or if you have committed traffic violation twice or thrice, it means you have committed a felony.

The validity of the traffic ticket is generally 40 days within which you have to pay the required fee. If you fail to pay the fee within this duration, you could be apprehended by the police and the court summons you for appearance. It is required to know about the existing traffic ticket fines and penalties in Virginia which could defame your reputation as well as deprive you of enjoying certain driving privileges. Increase in demerit points extend the suspension of your driving license and increase the insurance rate of your vehicle. Every offense has its own demerit points which are classified into three, four and six points, e.g., reckless driving will get your six demerit points on your driving record. Looking into these offenses and their adverse results, it is mandatory to know about traffic ticket fines and penalties in Virginia.

When you are charged for a traffic offense, and you receive the traffic ticket, your conviction will remain as a record until your case gets revoked. In some cases, those who are the second and third-time offender, they are bound to pay the ticket fee for the next couple of months even if their case gets dismissed. When this happens, an offender finds himself in trouble that where he should go to get help regarding his case. In this situation, you are advised to consult a traffic lawyer and discuss your case with him and the penalties you are facing, because only the traffic lawyer is well versed in understanding traffic ticket fines and penalties in Virginia and can save you from suffering a harsh legal conviction.

Since the lawyers in the state have a successful record of winning the cases and defending their clients in a legal manner, you will feel content once you discuss your case with him. He will tell you what options are available for you against penalties. You might not know either you have committed a misdemeanor or a felony because you are unaware of the repercussions of traffic charges. On the contrary, the lawyer is the one who takes your case in a right way to defend your case in the court and get the court’s decision in your favor. Therefore, when you hire a lawyer, you will spontaneously learn existing traffic ticket fines and penalties in Virginia.

Driving With Expired Registration in Shenandoah Virginia

Imagine if a driver is driving on the roads of Shenandoah, Virginia and suddenly he realize today is the last date to renew the expired registration and at the same time the police officer stops him to check him for the registration of the vehicle. It is not safe to ignore the dates of the vehicle registration because a valid motor vehicle registration is required for every truck or car before it can be driven on the roads of Shenandoah, Virginia. If a driver fails to provide the valid registration or fails to pay the fine, the charges includes potential loss of driving license. If you are accused of driving with expired registration or no inspection sticker, the most important thing is to respond to the citation. If you are driving a motor vehicle without registration and get caught, then you have to face a number of penalties that are both expensive and inconvenient.

It is very difficult and stressful to face the court for your penalties, but having a Shenandoah traffic lawyer on your side will always help you fight your ticket. A local traffic attorney understands the trial process and will help you accordingly which offers peace of mind throughout the trial process. Within 30 days of purchasing of the vehicle the owner have to fulfil all the requirements that Shenandoah, Virginia has imposed. If you fail in fulfilling all the necessary requirement it will not only results in obtaining the vehicle registration but it also leads to other traffic charges. The legal consequences of driving a vehicle with expired registration can results in heavy fines to a suspension and jail time. Whether it is the first time you are accused of driving with expired registration, the penalties for driving without a registration is Shenandoah, Virginia are:

  1. A year in jail.
  2. A fine up to $2,500.
  3. License suspension for 90 days.

While most of the time you have to pay fine, if you are pulled over to be driving with expired registration. To renew the registration of the vehicle you must contact an attorney first, ask him about your options then head back to the Department of Motor Vehicle and update the registration.

Registration Lawyer

Virginia traffic laws are very strict, so before driving a vehicle on the roads of Virginia it is important for a driver to take advice from an experienced traffic attorney to understand all the options and the basic requirements to drive safely in Shenandoah, Virinia. If the driver have received a ticket for driving in Shenandoah, Virginia without registration or with expired registration, Contact a traffic lawyer to understand your options. A registration lawyers will inform the driver if he is fighting a legitimate case or not. It is important to bring a copy of the ticket that was issued by the police officer, so the lawyer can use it to build a defense for your case because the ticket have all the relevant information and citations.

Arlington Virginia Foreclosure Laws

Foreclosure is defined as the action of taking possession of a mortgaged property when the mortgagor fails to keep up the mortgage payments. The Arlington Virginia foreclosure laws provide the mean for a mortgage lender to take the possession and sell a home when the borrower has defaulted on the loan. The money from the sale of the house is then used to pay off the balance of the loan, and the new buyer takes the home free of mortgage. It can also be said that the home becomes collateral for the loan.

There is certain conditions for the foreclosure. It includes the judicial process of foreclosure and the non-judicial process of foreclosure. In the judicial process of foreclosure, no power of sale is present in the deed of trust or mortgage. In this type, the property is auctioned off to the highest bidder soon after the declaration of foreclosure by the court as stated in the Arlington Virginia foreclosure laws. Generally, the borrower has 240 days to redeem the property, from the date of sale. The property can be redeemed by paying the amount of property that was sold with the addition of six percent interest. While on the other hand, in non-judicial process of foreclosure “A power of sale” is the clause that is present in the deed of trust or mortgage. In this clause, the borrower pre-authorizes the sale of property to pay off the balance on loan. In such deeds, the lender or the representative often called as “trustee” executes the power to the lender to sell the property according to Arlington Virginia foreclosure laws. Following are some of the regulations of foreclosure process:

  • If the power of sale is mentioned in the mortgage with time, place and terms of sale specification than it is mandatory to follow the specified procedure
  • The complete description of the property including legal description, street address, tax map identification, etc. should be mentioned in the foreclosure sale ad as required by the deed.
  • The sale that is to be made should not be earlier than 8 days after the first ad is published and not more than 30 days after the last ad is published. The property should be auctioned off to the highest bidder as mentioned in the Arlington Virginia foreclosure laws.
  • Once the sale is complete, all the taxes, levies, and assessments with costs and interest are to be discharged.

There is number of ways through which foreclosure can be stopped. First, it is important for the individual to hire a specialized attorney. These lawyers will explore the options for defense which include that either the lender have all the proper documents that are required to prove that they are legally entitled to foreclosure. Furthermore, they also look at the lender’s calculation of mortgage arrears, costs and fees are correct or not. These defense lawyers have the complete knowledge of the Arlington Virginia foreclosure laws. These lawyers legally assist their clients by giving the best advice that is needed to stop foreclosure.