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From simple charges to murder charges, criminal charges can have serious consequences. Even if he had not been convicted, his reputation could be jeopardized and steel to recover.

Law firms have extensive experience in guiding clients and their dependents through criminal defense procedures. During the free initial consultation, they will answer all your questions and help you understand what will happen throughout the case.

Whether you face misdemeanors or felony, the lawyers actively protect your rights. They have decades of experience protecting the clients’ rights, including: Driving drunk (DWI / DWI) and other traffic violations, murder and manslaughter, attack and battery, domestic violence, theft and armed robbery, corruption and fraud drug possession / distribution of cannabis and cocaine are usually observed in the crimes that are being convicted by the people of Virginia. The minors have alcohol rape and sexual offenses, juvenile crime as conviction.

University and college students in Norfolk depend on the attorneys to protect their future. Parents are comforted by the fact that they will provide a positive defense for their children. Businessmen believe that they do best to protect their reputation.

In Norfolk, Virginia Beach, anyone can be delayed because of traffic violations. University students, Virginia residents and tourists face heavy fines, loss of driving licenses, and even prison. Whether you are accused of speeding or driving a suspended driving license or more serious allegations such as reckless driving or driving drunk, experienced lawyers can help fight charges.

They will protect your rights and guide you through the traffic defense process. In the past few decades, the law firms of Virginia have defended all customers charged for the traffic, including:

  1. Speeding ticket
  2. Driving drunk (DWI / DWI)
  3. Reckless driving
  4. Leave the scene
  5. Driving a suspended driver’s license

Do you have to fight for your child’s custody through divorce and fight domestic violence? Family law deals with some of the most difficult situations you will encounter. However, during this time you will make important decisions that will affect you and your loved ones for the rest of your life.

The future of your family is very important to keep by chance. Your lawyer should give you personal attention and objective legal advice if you are ending your marriage or revising your previous Family Court order.

The lawyers promise to be with you at every step of your family law case. You can be confident that attorneys at the law group in the state of Virginia will listen to your concerns and help you understand the expectations from start to finish. In the past three decades, many families have helped to address disputes related to:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody and access
  • Child support
  • Suspicion of support and alimony
  • Marital property distribution
  • Protection orders related to domestic beatings
  • Save and support changes

In the case of a traditional divorce, the judge takes all decisions concerning his or her family. Cooperative law gives you the ability to develop a plan that adapts to your family’s needs.

Norfolk Virginia Court House Details

Norfolk Circuit Court

100 St. Paul’s Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23510-2773

Norfolk General District Court

811 East City Hall Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23510-2772

Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

800 East City Hall Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23510-2727